Leadership pins provide a mechanism for timely recognition of your observations and experiences with Lafayette students being remarkable!

 When you see someone being a effective — by exhibiting any one of the following exemplary leadership practices — it is a great time to nominate that person for a leadership pinThese practices are the fundamentals of our adopted leadership model, referred to as The Leadership Challenge© (developed by James Kouzes & Barry Posner, 1987). Have you witnessed one of your peers do any of the following?

  • modeling behavior that aligns with shared values
  • inspiring others to take action toward a common goal
  • challenging a process in an effort to improve a situation
  • enabling others by creating trusting and collaborative relationships
  • encouraging recognition for individual achievements and celebrating group efforts

A nomination includes completing a simple six question survey and supplying a paragraph describing the specific example(s) or what the nominee did and how the nominee did it. SUBMIT A NOMINEE!  The observed actions should have been sustained over a period of a few weeks or repeated over multiple, but distinct moment in time.

Each nomination will be reviewed by the Lafayette Leadership Education Committee (LLEC) executive board and within days of being approved, your nominee becomes a recipient of a congratulations card with a 1″ x 1.5″ metal leadership pin enclosed. We will share a brief description of why the recognition is being received and, with the nominators permission, insert a quote from the nomination submission form.