The Lafayette Leadership Education (LLE) program is based on three principles: solid fundamentals, developmental readiness, and learning within an experiential context.


We define a LEADER as someone who influences the opinions, actions, or behaviors of others towards a common purpose or direction. We view LEADERSHIP as a relationship-based process of mobilizing people to bring forth positive change. We believe that effective leadership can convert mutual aspirations into reality.

We strive to create educational experiences which are purposefully grounded in leadership theory and established research involving undergraduate leadership development, leadership identity development, and student learning. Several empirically-based models guide us on this journey. One model we look to, in terms of what our students should be doing to become more effective leaders, is called The Leadership Challenge®. It revolves around five practices of exemplary leadership® which are:


Our leadership opportunities are designed to be properly sequenced to provide realistic challenge and support which matches a student’s readiness.


Each leadership intervention is framed in a way that encourages active learning through concrete experiences, regular feedback, and reflection.

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